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Jan Roger Karlsen

Jan Roger Karlsen

CEO / project manager / training and driver
Petter Gjerdrum

Petter Gjerdrum

Transport manager
Tine Holm

Tine Holm

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We specialize in Pilot car service accompanied by special transports.

We at Raskt-Levert AS have many years of experience from the transport industry. Several of our colleagues started in the transport industry already in the last half of the 80's. We specialize in Pilot service accompanied by special transports. Several of us in Raskt-Levert AS have performed Pilot service since 1992. Raskt-Levert AS is possibly the only Pilot service company in Norway with a comprehensive training plan for Pilot service. Since the mid-90s, the general manager has completed Pilot service courses for about 700 people. The Pilot service courses were originally established as a comprehensive in-house training, that everyone had to complete before they were allowed to drive an Pilot car for special transports. The courses were held so that colleagues would have as much knowledge as possible about this. Who has which roles / tasks and areas of responsibility, and at least what a special transport driver wish for in the assistance of Pilot car driver. In addition, the courses help to create a better understanding of traffic. The course also contributes to the parts involved in a special transport assignment, gaining more knowledge and understanding of each task. It's all about good cooperation with mutual understanding and respect for each other's tasks that contribute to safe transport!

After a few years of internal Pilot service courses, it become known in the industry that we held these courses. Many outside our company wanted to attend course with us.

We have also held our own Pilot service courses for the Armed Forces, the Police and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Eventually, we opened up for other Pilot service companies to participate in the courses. There have also been drivers on special transports who have participated. We held our own tailor-made Pilot service courses for the Armed Forces, the Police and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Some have questioned that we have allowed competing Pilot service companies to participate in our courses when we train competitors. But with general managers' background from the ambulance service and their focus on traffic safety, it has felt important and correct, and could convey much of what we learn about traffic understanding / reading the traffic picture / better impact analysis, as drivers of emergency vehicles learn. Here we will emphasize that a Pilot car driver NEVER drives an emergency! But it is still good for each course participant to acquire much of the same knowledge to become a safer and better Pilot car driver. The better traffic understanding and more aware one becomes of one's own actions in traffic, the better and safer work will be done. The more knowledge you gain, the better choices / decisions you make, because the prerequisite for a better impact analysis BEFORE you take an action in traffic, becomes far better. We will contribute to the special transport and we will try it out.

Throughout all these years we have gained a lot of knowledge / experience but we are both humble and happy that there is still a lot to learn in this fantastic industry / service. As long as you focus on safety and have an attitude that you really want to learn more, the possibilities are many.

Courier / express services

We also specialize in express shipping with our vans, since this is also a service several of us have performed since the early 90's. We want to emphasize that on our express assignments we will NOT drive fast and indefensible, but safely and directly to the recipient. We relate to the current speed limits and the traffic picture and onwards in accordance with Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act. We do not drive to long with one and the same driver without sleeping. When it is very urgent to get the goods out quickly, and the distance is long, we recommend the customer that we are 2 drivers on the car. Of course, it costs a bit more, but the goods arrive safely in a fast way, and at the agreed time, without compromising life and health. Good planning / dialogue between us and our customers means that we agree on the best solution. When an urgent assignment is going far north or far south in Europe, and with a short delivery time, then there should be two drivers on the assignment. If the delivery deadline is for an urgent assignment, we can perform this with a driver in a traffic-safe manner, then of course there will only be one driver on the assignment. It is agreed in advance if there will be one or two drivers on the assignment. We ALWAYS deliver on time and ALWAYS without damaged goods. Choose a carrier that focuses on safety, the environment and quality.

We have our own cars / drivers that operate from the Eastern Norway area and in Western Norway. In addition to our own cars, we have a well-established network of skilled partners in Sørlandet, Mørekysten, Trøndelag, Norland, Troms and Finnmark. In addition, we have skilled partners in Sweden and Denmark. Through our large network of solid partners / players in the industry, we can assist with accompanying cars and express services, as well as apply for exemptions and other permits and provide local accompanying cars in most places throughout Europe. We and our partners work long-term and have a strong focus on safety and quality. We have also become aware that our new customers do as our existing customers - they choose us as a partner because we have a lot of knowledge within our work, a strong focus on quality and safety and that we work and think long-term. They want to build a qualitative working relationship for the future.

Raskt-Levert AS is both an Environmental Lighthouse and a Fair Transport certified company! Your safety and it is good for the environment!