For us, a project is when our customers have to carry extra big packages or many units / modules that last for a short or longer period. We assist the customer in both finding and evaluating a suitable driving route. Carries out surveys and finds good solutions for safe transport. Our evaluation report contains all relevant information for the actual situation and what must be done before the transports are carried out. We establish contact with responsible contractors / Public Roads Administration, and agree on what measures they must do, before the transports can be carried out.

Several of our customers who are about to start planning major future projects involve us at an early stage. It can be for the size of the project, the size of the transports, the duration of the project, and at least, over which distance the transports will take place. We think it is nice that we can contribute input for a safe and secure transport.

Route Survey

One of the larger projects we participated in was a big new bridge in Norway. We were involved in that project the year before the transports were to be done. At the first meetings, we were informed about the size of the bridge elements they wanted delivered to the address. The largest widths were over 7 meters. Then we had to find out which transports / elements we had to drive the relevant driving routes that we had found and measured. As the transport date approached, we had to coordinate the transports in relation to various road works that took place on the driving routes we had chosen, and the dispensations dictated. We were out early and communicated with VTS (Road traffic control center) and the contractors. That’s in case they had to do different road works on parts of the road, on the nights the transport was going. Both VTS (Road traffic control center), the contractors and the emergency services were sent a timetable, so that they knew at all times where we drive, and the emergency services could contact us if an emergency vehicle came in our direction and we could make room for them in time. There was also some tunnel work going on during some of the transports, but everything worked completely fine. The goodwill we experienced with VTS (Road traffic control center) and the contractors, and their contribution for the transports to arrive in the simplest and safest way, also contributed that the transports becoming less embarrassing / problems for those who work on / by road / tunnel, when we came.

We had no problems with any participants, and the main reason was a solid preparation...

We had no problems with any participants, and the main reason was a solid preparation and that we had a good communication with all affected parts in good time BEFORE the roadmap was finally nailed. When the implementation plan was completed, it was then distributed to all contact persons in the various agencies / companies.

Then they got a full overview of where the transports were at all times the respective nights the transports took place, and were ready to let us through road work areas when we arrived. By showing the various actors great respect for their work situation and work tasks we experienced corresponding respect back. We experienced such a great commitment from the various participants. They really wanted to assist so that the transports could arrive without problems and delays. Everything worked 100% from all teams.

Future project?

If you / your company are planning one or more large projects, which involve large transports and / or a large number of transports, do not hesitate to get in touch. Project 2021/22